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About The Studio

Our mission revolves around your musical vision, offering all the tools you need to bring that vision to fruition.


The Studio Magic Experience

Studio Magic believes that when nurtured, any song can become a unique hit the artist can be proud of. As songwriters and musicians ourselves, we want to serve your song as best we can. At Studio Magic, we offer a full professional recording experience from tracking to mixing to mastering. Paired with high quality video, photography and branding; we build your vision from beginning to end. Explore our artists to witness the Studio Magic experience. 


Meet The Founders

With over 10 years of engineering/production experience, a music business degree from NYU and a lifetime of musical aptitude and flair behind his frames, Peter Anspach brings a trained mind and a passionate spirit to all writing, production and video services that Studio Magic has to offer. "Simply come to the studio with any artistic idea at all, and we'll make some magic!" says Peter. While away from the studio, Peter is found traveling the country playing guitar, keyboards and singing with his rock band, Goose

Growing up around the corner from Peter, Ethan Michael is the driving force behind Studio Magic. With cutting edge ideas, he carries a fresh look on the music industry while still cultivating the vintage flavors lingering in his 50s wardrobe. Fluent on a multitude of instruments and deeply knowledgable in music theory, Ethan is a Studio Magic chameleon - able to work well with any style of music or individual. While away from the studio, Ethan can be found studying Jazz at the University of Denver in Colorado.

Studio Magic was founded in December 2016





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